New Puppy Prey Drive with house mate

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So a few days ago we adopted a three month old hound mix, fully vaccinated and everything. So far she is doing good with potty training and learning commands and getting used to her new name, Ayla.

What worries me is that we have a two year old Peakapoo named Gus and when him and Ayla begin to play together she starts going to bite his neck and tail. There is a notable size difference between the two as he is 6 pounds and she is around 12-15. Usually he is okay with it and she lets go and they continue playing but more recently she is holding the back of his neck and putting enough pressure to make Gus yelp before either she decides to let go or I make her. She doesn’t shake him but she does hold his neck in her mouth which worries me.

When it comes to food and toys and stuff she isn’t aggressive with him but once they get riled up and start playing she gets a little too rough for my liking and I’m afraid for Gus. But I just lost my previous boy at 14 years old a few weeks ago and I don’t know if I can handle giving Ayla back to the shelter. Any help would be appreciated!

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