New puppy owner have no idea what I’m doing… please help

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We got an 8 week old (now 9 week old as we have had him a week) corgi. I’m at a loss on potty training I’ve read so many things on crate training but they are all different and none say much about night time, like do we let him have water at night? What’s a good schedule? The first week we gave him way too much freedom and he started poopin and peeing where ever. We have puppy pads and he used them for the first two days then all bets where off. We try our best to take him out after naps, eating and playing but he seems to pee a little bit every 15-20 minutes 😳 and honestly that’s very difficult to keep up with when you have other responsibilities. At night he seems to be up every 2 1/2 hours and even with setting alarms we have at least one accident…. what do we do? Can anyone point me to a tried and successfully method that is detailed? I know this will take time but I’m truly at a loss! Thank you!

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