New puppy, need crate training advice clarification.

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So my new boy Ollie does pretty good with his crate, he likes to go in and sleep, but I made the mistake of getting up and reassuring him every single time he wakes whines, fortunately this is only night 2 so it's not been a long term thing.

But eventually, when I checked on him and he didnt go back to sleep, I got him up and decided he needed to potty even though he wanted to play in his crate, since it had been 3 hours since we pottied before bed and he is 8 weeks. I took him out and sure enough he peed and pooped, got praised, and when I took him back in the house he wanted to play, but I took him in and put him back in his crate and told him it was night night time. And of course he was whining, cause he wanted out to play, so I was wondering if at this point, since I know he doesnt have to pee or poop, do I just let him whine it out?

And if he wakes up in 30 and whines do I ignore it? Or do I get up and take him out again? For the most part he is really good about going in his crate and going right to sleep, and he actually fell asleep while I was typing this, but he just seems to wake up and get scared almost and I feel bad for him. He is right next to my bed where he can see me, and he has 2 of his favourite toys in there with him. This is my first time actually training a dog myself, and even though I've read so many articles about crate training, none of them seem to go over what to do after potty time, besides just putting them in the crate.

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