New puppy, just a few questions/concerns

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So yesterday my girlfriend and I finally got our first puppy! The person that we talked to about her seemed like a good enough person, praised about how healthy they were and super playful. So when we pulled up to the house, we expected nothing but love right off the bat. That was not the case. I’m not one to judge others living situations, but it was not one where you’d want to breed/keep young animals of any kind. When we picked her up we were informed that one of the other puppies had an accident, and they were rolling around in it. She literally had poop stuck to her skin, which leads me to believe that it was not recent. While on the way home, my girlfriend discovered she was covered in fleas. Hundreds of them. At this point there was no way we were bringing her back to live there, not under those conditions. Fast forward to many baths/flea combing later, we think we got most of them. Obviously we are going to need to take her to the vet for shots and such, and that already has an appointment made. But from everything I’ve read about puppies they’re little balls of energy, and she just kind of lays around and sleeps. Is this normal for a puppy to do? No real energy, she eats like crazy, she’s definitely not skinny, maybe it’s too early to expect that energy? She is a lab/pit mix, but I don’t really see the pit in her. She is 8 weeks old today.

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