New Puppy HATES Being Alone and Uses Her Crate As a Bathroom- Help!

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Hi everyone-

My fiancé and I just brought home an 11 week old aussiedoodle puppy last week (today is Day 7 at home). So far she is loving, smart, and incredibly sweet… she loves people and just wants to have someone around ALL THE TIME. While this is adorable, it’s not realistic… and it’s creating some issues for us.

We’re trying to crate train her and she is NOT having it. The first two nights we slept on the floor with her in front of the crate in our bedroom, with the crate open. As soon as we tried to close it, she yelped and cried and barked for HOURS, to the point where she pooped in the crate (after three other poops that day) and we had to take her out to clean everything up. This then became a pattern- any time we try to crate her, basically if she’s in there for any more than 10 minutes, she’ll yelp bloody murder until she poops and we have to take her out to clean her/ everything up.

The hard part with this is we’ve tried SO hard to make sure that she loves the crate- we eat in there, put Kongs in there, any time she falls asleep we put her in there and shut the door for a nice nap, we praise her any time she’s quiet in the crate… but it’s not working.

To make things even worse, she’s now associating the crate with going to the bathroom. She’ll deliberately go to the crate only to poop or pee, then walk back out. We’ve since been shutting the crate door and any time she sniffs around it we take her outside.

From everything we’ve read this is completely counterintuitive for dog instincts… please help us figure out what to do… we have to go back to work soon and can’t have a puppy sitting in poop waiting for us every hour and a half when we have family coming to check on her.

Thank you!

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