New puppy chooses downstairs as bathroom over outside

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We have a new golden retriever puppy, who is 11 weeks old. We also have a 1 1/2 yr old golden as well. Recently the young one has learned that if she goes to the door, she can relieve herself outside. That is good news, but sometimes she will go straight downstairs to the finished basement to poop. After the first time, we gated off the basement and she gets to the gate now, I tell her uh-uh and direct her to the back door.

She hasn't actively gone down there as day to day activities yet. We keep her on the main floor, since shes only been with us for 2 weeks.

I'm thinking since she doesn't associate the downstairs with being part of her den, she thinks its an acceptable potty location. Or it could also be that its getting cold out and she doesn't like going outside.

Ive taken her down there after shes been pottied and have some toys to play with. To gradually show her this is also part of her den.

Do you think it's just early potty training misunderstandings or she doesn't yet know she shouldn't potty down there?

Could there be smells down there that make her think it could be a potty spot? Ones that we don't notice?

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