New puppy cannot be in play pen without freaking out/non-stop barking

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My partner and myself really need help and we have no idea what to do. We got a new puppy 10 days ago, she's an 11 week-old Chihuahua.

For the most part we're always home and we're never gone for more than 2 hours at a time if even, but we bought her a large play pen with everything she needs for when we're not home. We were also hoping she would be able to sleep in there, since she's rather tiny and we're worried if she sleeps in the bed with us we might crush her on accident.

The problem is, we absolutely cannot leave her in there for any amount of time without the most non-stop, loud, and shrill barking ever happening for over an hour straight. It starts immediately, and it doesn't matter how many toys, blankets, or anything that she has in there with her. She just ignores it all, barks/screams a ton, tries climbing the pen walls, throws herself against the pen walls, etc. We bought a puppy cam, so it's confirmed that it doesn't stop at all. We haven't gotten a single good night of sleep since getting her, and we're starting to get worried that it's going to disturb our neighbors (we live in an apartment). We've given up on keeping her in there at night, because we seriously weren't able to get any sleep and it's taking a big toll on us. Instead, she sleeps in our bed, which just doesn't feel safe but she just won't sleep otherwise. Plus, we don't want the barking to bother the neighbors all night.

We've been getting her exercise before she goes in, but it seems like it isn't helping at all. It just seems like she's extremely anxious or something. She seems very tired and in need of a nap when we put her in there (big yawns between barks), so it's like she's throwing a never-ending tired fit. I ordered a warming plush and a heartbeat plush so we're going to try that for the next time she's in there. Even when we sit right next to it while she's in there, she does it anyways. We've tried sitting in there with her as well and playing, giving her treats in there, etc.

What are we doing wrong? Should we be crate training her instead? Could it be something about this dog's personality that is causing all of this? Open to any and all advice, critiques, product recs, etc.

edit: TLDR; Puppy seriously hates being in play pen both at night and when we're gone for short periods of time, and absolutely freaks out (barks/screams a ton, tries climbing the pen walls, throws herself against the pen walls) for over an hour.

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