New puppy and crate training.

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Hi! I have read lots of posts on this, but I’m still at my wits end. My bf and I recently adopted a 4 month old lab mix. He is super sweet and well behaved already. The only problem is he HATES the crate. He will walk into it, he’s smelled it a few times and he likes it if I get in there with him. We feed his meals to him in there and sometimes he runs for it if we are going outside.

The problem is when it comes time for bed at night, he will absolutely trash about and make the whole room shake and he whines and cries. We gave him 10 mins to self sooth last night but he wouldn’t stop. We tried to sleep next to him on the floor but the hardwoods are too much for our bodies.

Currently the crate is in our room. I read that putting the crate next to me might work but he didn’t seem to like that either. I read about snugglepup and that seems like a good idea. And I’m thinking maybe I have to move the crate to a new room. We don’t really care about him sleeping in it at night but we both work full time and he will need to be crated until we know he won’t pee in the house (about another 4 months we think).

Also, I have never had issues with this before. I owned two purebred labs their whole life before they passed away and when they were puppies they LOVED the crate. Never any issue. I know every dog is different but he is sooooo upset

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