New puppy. Am i doing this right?

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So im a first time owner but i did do my research before getting a dog. I got a 2 month old puppy and im trying to house train her at first i started with a pad but she seems to go there once then when she wants to go again she just sniffs it and goes somewhere nearby not actually on the pad. Now i started just taking her out on the balcony every hour or so if she goes potty outside i give her a treat and pet her if i catch her during the act on the inside i scold her and take her outside if i make it. If i dont catch her in the act i dont do anything. So am i doing this right? Do i need to train her to use pads as well? Or is what im doing ok? Also she is quite small and i give her a dpg treat everytime she goes potty outside as a reward does this mess with her feeding times?

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