New puppy (8 wks) meets “adult” (1 yr) help!

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Seeking some wisdom for those who have introduced a brand new puppy (boy, 8 wks) to an exhuberant dog-loving 14 month old girl. Or something similar! For reference: they’re both cardigan corgis, but she’s 40 lb and he’s about 5 lb. This is our 2nd full day with the puppy.

Our adult dog is very socialized and LOVES to play with other dogs. We brought home a puppy and all she wants to do is play with him. As far as I can tell, it is all appropriate play. He is a fearless little thing and I watch really closely when they’re playing to make sure it doesn’t go too far. Usually once playful growling becomes involved I separate them for a minute or two. We’re crate training him so I have been putting the adult dog outside about half the time the puppy is out of the crate.

Is this the right thing to do? He’s so little… should I be restricting their exposure to each other even more? Should I be letting them have more time together? I am worried that he will be socialized to think that wrestling with other dogs is normal. Or, that high energy playing is the only thing they will want to do together. Forever. Haha!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and help!

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