New Pup had no accidents the first 3 days. Now he’s had 6 in the past two. What gives?

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The first 3 days he was home our 8 week old male golden doodle had no accidents and would pee outside right away when we took him out. He seems to be misbehaving more in general now that he is a little more comfortable but I'm really surprised he's having all these accidents. Is this normal? More details below.

– We take him out every hour and walk him regularly. He will have an accident inside right after going out and peeing.

– We crate him only at night. We work from home so he is out during the day.

– We limit his access to the house and supervise him regularly.

– We only use positive reinforcement training methods and follow many other best practices outlined in this subs wiki.

– We really haven't switched up anything routine wise from those first three days.

– 5 days total in our home. This is first home from the breeder.

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