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hi, so a friend of mine if moving to a new country and asked me to be the new owner of her lil teacup yorkshire since i have a slightly larger female.

well my female is going into heat which is nice because i did intend to breed BUT the male dog literally wont leave her alone and where ever she sits and marks with her "smell" he feels like he has to lick it clean then pee all over it.

wasnt an issue till yesterday where it picked up the habit of peeing on my bed.

what can i do to make it stop peeing on my bed? memory foam is way too absorbent and expensive for this lil dog to be doing this.

i have caught it in the act of trying to pee on other things which i wouldnt like piss on, did nothing but the usual "no!" + loud noise. but the previous owner did NOTHING to train him and basically let him do whatever he wanted for his full 2 years of life… the exact opposite of my female.

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