New knpv trained Belgian malinois attacked me!

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Hi all! I just purchased a beautiful 3 year old Belgian malinois about 10 days ago. She is sweet as can be and was raised with a family before being knpv trained for 2 years. She has such a wonderful sweet loving temperament but she has tried to attack me 4 separate times, seemingly without provocation. Tonight I was petting her and she just unleashed and drew blood on my hand and the gash is so deep it requires stitches. I’m very certain she is in heat, I will get her spayed as soon as this cycle is over. My question is this, can I ever fully trust this dog? I want it to work out, when not attacking me she is the perfect companion/guard dog. Is it because she’s in heat? Or is she just wired that way and maybe I should move on , any help appreciated. Thanks!

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