New hound mix has gotten aggressive. Looking for advice.

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My wife and I adopted a (probably a little less than) one year old hound mix. We think he's a Plott Hound since our local rescue got him from a kill shelter in North Carolina.

We've had him for about 2 weeks and have found that he's very intelligent. He quickly learned sit, down, paw, and is doing pretty good with going to the bathroom outside and leash walking. During this time, he was generally calm, didn't bark much, and was good about cuddling on the couch at night and never being aggressive towards either of us.

Here's the problem: In the last 2 or 3 days, he's become very aggressive, especially towards my wife. We made the mistake of allowing him on the couch and bed when we first got him and he has gotten a bit aggressive when she sits on the couch. We've been training him to stay on the floor but he's been pretty relentless about trying to claim the couch again. Last night, he started nipping and biting at my wife, who is pregnant, and a few times ran at full speed and tried to jump on her while she was sitting. When my wife tried to correct he behavior, he wouldn't listen at all. He mainly barked or began sprinting around the house again.

Admittedly, he was home for a while yesterday and didn't get a lot of exercise, which led to him destroying his bed. I had to go back to work at night and my wife had a doctor's appointment so he was alone from about 7am to 3pm and then again from 5 to 630. When I got home from work, I ran him for two miles and did about another mile this morning before work.

Is this typical of a new rescue? Is it because of a lack of exercise? Anyone that experience with hounds have any insights for me? What's the best way to get him to listen to my wife and calm down?

We're obviously concerned about how the dog will be once the baby arrives and, even now, when she's pregnant and the dog is leaping at her. I'll be done working in about 6 weeks for the summer (I'm a teacher) so I'll be able to aggressively train him, but we need some kind of fix for the short term. I'm looking for anything we can do to help him (and us!)


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