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My puppy seems to be doing something new.

I take her outside when I know its close to naptime so she can go potty one more time. I ask her to go potty and she looks at me like I'm nuts.

I take her back in to put her in pen for an enforced nap and she SCREAMS in her pen. Scratches, chews at the door, etc when before she would whimper a few times but then go to sleep.

In between fits, when she is quiet, I ask if she has to go potty and take her out again and she sniffs around for another 5-10 minutes, goes potty and then back in she goes.

She does her little whimpers but then settles down for a nap.

I don't want this to become her new habit. I think its stressful for both her and me but she's doing it almost every time now.

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