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It’s 4 am so that is why I am asking here in the mean time, calling the vet FIRST thing in the morning.

My puppy who is 12 weeks old has been eating Nutro Puppy since we brought him home on December 27. Our vet recommended we switch him because 1. He was not eating Nutro well at all and 2. He recommended “better ones” for my dog specifically. Anyway, being a first time dog parent I listened and decided to choose one of the ones he recommended. However I did the switch too fast obviously because puppy got diarreah. I started giving him boiled chicken and rice, with some pumpkin and the diarreah was gone! So I slowly started adding his new food to the chicken and rice and the diarreah is back 😕

Do I have to go back to Nutro and start the mix slowly again? He hasn’t had Nutro since last weekend so will giving him Nutro again cause diarreah to keep going because it hasn’t been in his system in almost a week?

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