New dog, refuses to poop outside

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So I'm a new dog owner (grew up with dogs, first one of my own) of a 2 year old rescue Husky mix. Couldn't be happier!

Problem is though, he REFUSES to poop outside. I walk him 5-6 times a day right now, he pees just fine. I'll take him for an hour to hour and a half walk in the morning and he'll try to poop like 5 minutes after we get home. I'll catch him and go outside and he'll refuse to do his business. I don't know anything about his background, he was turned into the shelter when he was found on the street.

I want to try and crate train him but can't right now. He was just neutered and is dealing with the cone of shame. Any tips? I work from home, but at some point that means I have to work… I can't really wait outside for 2 hours every time trying to get this dude to learn during the weekdays.

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