New dog (11 month Norwegian Elkhound rehome) is not leaving other dog (13 year old Chihuahua mix rescue) alone.

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My parents recently got a new dog who is constantly bothering their other dog. The Chihuahua is a rescue who was of unknown background, but was likely abused and used in a puppy farm. Since they adopted her several years ago, she has always been nervous around people and dogs, but never aggressive. In general, she is basically a wimp. However, she normally will tolerate other dogs.

The Elkhound has been with them for about four days now but has obsessively been trying to be around her. He has not been aggressive with her and clearly is trying to get her to play, but the Chihuahua is not having it. When he gets near her, she will growl at him and when in range, she bites at his snout. To his credit, he simply tolerates this while he sniffs her and attempts to get her to play. My mother isn't concerned about him hurting the Chihuahua intentionally, but is concerned he might in his attempts to play with her. As well, this just stresses the Chihuahua out as she cannot move around the house without being hounded by the Elkhound. They have been trying to discipline him first by pulling him away and telling him "no" sternly, but he refuses to give up in this.

The Elkhound's history mostly involves children and a few cats, all of which he has been good with. The Chihuahua originally came to live with them when they had another Elkhound (though he was also older) and has been around several other dogs. She has only ever barked at other dogs, but they also have usually left her alone after a first sniff.

Can anyone suggest ways that they might be able to train the Elkhound to leave her alone when she wants him to?

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