New behaviour – aggression towards other dogs when playing with ball

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Hi all, I have a female GSD/Husky cross. Age is unknown as she was a stray with no history. Our guess is somewhere between 4-6 years old. I’ve had her for almost two years. Aside from some anxiety issues, she is generally a very well behaved dog. Extremely friendly with people of any age. The majority of the time she completely ignores other dogs, very occasionally she’ll reciprocate a sniff, even more occasionally she’ll engage in a bit of chasing or playing.

Her favourite activity is playing with her ball. She gets so much joy from it but perhaps borders on obsession at times so I distract her by removing the ball and trying to focus her on other things. She gives the ball over to humans with no issue and it is not a problem to remove it directly from her mouth. She shows absolutely no aggression whatsoever.

The problem I’m getting is that for the past 2-3 months, she has been getting quite aggressive with other dogs who approach while she has her ball. She will generally pick up her ball and move away from the other dog a few times, but eventually she will lose patience and snap at their neck, and even chase them aggressively until my trying to get her attention gets through and she snaps out of it. When it happens I remove her ball privileges and put her back on lead.

These incidents have become increasingly frequent and it seems her fuse is shortening before she becomes aggressive. Luckily there haven’t been any serious incidents or injuries, and other owners have never responded badly, but I’m worried that sometime she will cause an injury and am desperate to get it under control.

Can anyone suggest any training to help, or any particular resources I could look at? Typical resource guarding training methods aren’t very helpful to me because as mentioned she is not aggressive with her toys or even food around me. I can take food or toys from her and she is perfectly happy to let me.

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