New behavior: won’t let us leave the house!

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Hi! We have a beautiful 6 year old GSD, rescued her 2 years ago and have been living in the same apartment for the last year and a half.

In the past few weeks she has developed a new habit of running out the door when we open it to get ready to leave. To give you an idea, she has never had separation anxiety of any sort, and if it’s just one of us leaving, she won’t give a crap, it’s only when both of us are going somewhere.

We live in an apartment building with a long hallway to the elevator, and once she gets out the door she just tucks her tail and lays down for belly scratches.

We’ve tried getting her to sit and stay in the living room, which she does well unless we’re leaving. We’ve also tried putting food in her bowl to distract her and she won’t touch it until we’re back at home.

The only way we’ve found we can leave is to put a bicycle between the door and her (she’s scared of bikes).

She doesn’t destroy or chew anything when we’re gone. She actually just sleeps in her bed.

But I’m very confused as to what caused her to start this habit and how we can train her out of this.

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