New baby and big brother (corgi) barks ALL the time!

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I LOVE MY DOG! He is my best friend! We knew that having a baby was going to be a difficult transition for all the pets (there are also 2 cats in the home). Human baby is now almost 9 months. Baby and corgi are so cute. He loves his baby and clearly feels extra protective. He always wants to be as close as possible, especially if baby is sleeping. The problem is that every single leaf or wind chime sound is met with hysterical barking. He skids out like a cartoon, freaking out and carrying on like a pack of beagles. If someone knocks on the door (or even if he just thinks they did) it goes on forever. I'll shush him and then he'll just hide behind furniture and bark more. We had trained him to bark on command, hoping that if he understands what bark means then surely he understands what no bark means. It seemed effective for a while but now not so much. I struggle every day to put baby down for a nap and the barking is a constant set back. Obviously, I understand that barking is natural and well-intentioned, but we just need a little help.

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