New adopted dog super attached to one owner, especially during walks – any tips to fix behavior?

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We just got a new dog less than a week ago. He's a 2 year old chihuahua mix who was previously living with his foster mom in Mexico with 16 other dogs. He's super sweet and friendly but he has already attached himself to me. He doesn't dislike my husband, but where I go, he goes. We have been giving my husband extra treats to give him, etc. but he still prefers me. The worst part is when my husband takes him for a walk, he just wants to turn around and go home to me. I keep encouraging the walks because I know time with just him is good for our dog. Does anyone have any other suggestions besides having my husband be a constant treat dispenser? I understand it's only been a few days, but I know it's kind of hurting my husband's feelings and I really want the dog to be more independent since I know that's better for their anxiety/well being in general.

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