New 4-month-old puppy afraid of strangers and the outside!

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Hello all! My family and I recently adopted a puppy just over 4 months old. We're unsure of her breed, but we're thinking she's a pitbull/lab mix, among others. Unfortunately, she was kept inside during that critical socialization period, and we know very little about her background other than what her foster mom was able to tell us.

When indoors, she's just like any other troublemaker puppy, but as soon as she's outside, her tail is tucked between her legs and she's hesitant to do anything. She's also scared of strangers and other dogs; she'll approach, but then she'll run back. At worst, she'll start barking at them.

We've had visitors of the house give her treats, and it definitely works, so should we start using this method with all people she encounters?

What should we do about other dogs? We have another dog in the house, and she's definitely not afraid of him (she's actually a nuisance to him, but that's a whole different issue!). She was also kept with another dog while at her foster mom's, so we're surprised that she isn't more outgoing with other dogs. We'd like to take her to puppy playtimes since she clearly wants to play with our other dog, but we're unsure of whether that's a good idea based on her current behavior.

What should we do about her nervousness of the outside? We're expecting her to be fairly high-energy, and we're ready to provide the exercise she needs as she grows up, but she needs to like the outdoors first!

I'd love any and all tips, advice, warnings, anecdotes, etc. I'm so nervous I'm gonna mess her up, so anything would be a big help! Thank you for reading and for the help!

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