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Hi all, my pup is about 2.5 yr old female Shepard/Lab mix. She has some nervous tendencies and I was hoping I could get some advice on how I can help her become more confident.

She is usually pretty good with other dogs. She has been attacked now about 3 times. 2 pitbulls and a ridgeback. I have become better at recognizing unfriendly dogs and avoid having her around them if I can catch it. I do however have seen her become less submissive and more prone to showing dominance early which I think is due to those 3 attacks. I'd like her to be be confident, but not feel the need to be overly aggressive during play so tips would help.

But the biggest issue is that see is nervous around people, especially kids. Unfortunately, again she has had a kid scream in her face as she ran over to play as a puppy and had a kid yank her tail and scream in her face. So when we walk she is constantly in a hurry and always pulls away from people she doesnt know. People she does know she very sweet and nervously approaches as she did something wrong). I'd like her to feel like she can approach people or be ok with people she doesnt know to pet her.

And if I am not home she stays in my room. She wont travel out of it until I get home, even if my roommates are home. If they come to hang out she starts to shake and do what I call "Dobby ears." She likes them petting her, but for what ever reason it makes her nervous.

Really just like to have her be more confident because she really is a very sweet dog.


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