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Hi guys,

Today is the day we can meet our puppy. My gf sorted everything out and told me it was a certified breeder and since she is good at doing research, i didnt do it myself. However im a little concerned she is biased because of emotions.

The breeder has 100 google reviews, excist since 1980. Like 96 are very statistied customers. 4 are people calling them "moneybreeders" (dont know translation, it means ppl who dont care about well being and just make puppies to get money.)

I did some further research: – They only crossbreed

They have 3 nests at the moment(but they did have a waitinglist)

We can take the puppy with us after the first visit: but we do have to answer some questions and cant just "pick him up".

-They have pictures, it looks clean, big and puppies look good and healthy

-They are certified

-Parents are still with them

-They are chipped, (have a passport) and vaccinated.

People say that breeders that have multiple nests, have crossbreed only and that let you take the pup with you at the first day arent legit.

However: Very good reviews, parents still there, pups look healthy, they are certified and dogs are chipped and vaccinated.

What do i need to do to make sure im doing good business?

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