Need to teach my dog to potty train and I’m frustrated and don’t know where to start.

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My dog is 1 1/2 years old. I’ve owned other dogs before, and potty trained one of them for two weeks and he got it down. I got my dog jack at 3 months from a shelter and spent all of last year potty training him. I used positive reinforcement when i first started And i got him used to going outside however he’s a very timid and anxious boy in nature so if he heard any noises or see someone coming he would not go pee. 20 minutes would go by and he wouldn’t pee and as soon as we’d go inside the apartment he’d pee where he could. So i switched him to pee pads. It took him two weeks to figure out where to pee however he wouldn’t always get everything on the pad it would spill over and or he’d still go in random places in the house. Eventually after much trial and error (approx. 4-6 mos.) he stopped going in random places and get it on the pee pad but he’d just miss and eventually he’d pee on the pad flawlessly for 3 months until i moved out of my exes apartment and moved in with my mom. My mom owns a house and she has 3 dogs and lives with my brother and her bf. It made him absolutely anxious and distressed. I tried to potty train him how i first did it with no real luck. I forgot to mention that i would keep him in our hallway of our apartment and have pee pads in our bathroom and when his separation anxiety lessened we were able to have him free roam our living room and kitchen with the pee pads still in the bathroom. I bought a baby gate to keep him enclosed and when I’d come home the baby gate would be down and I’d find him free roaming with random pee spots in the house. He learned fast where to pee, he picked up a new habit. Jack would waddle around when he poops. That was something i could never have him stop doing and it was because of this that i was planning on transitioning him to going outside. Well when he’d pee on the pads he’d waddle over the pad and sometimes miss completely. It’s causing me and my family to fight. I’m not sure how to break him out of waddling and I’m not sure why he does it as his poops are pretty soft and solid for the most part. I’m kind of lost where to start and my frustrations are only growing.

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