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We have had an Australian Shepherd + Black lab mix for a year and a half and he is a sweet dog but a few behavior issues that we haven’t had the slightest luck with breaking

Leash training: he pulls on his leash and yanks us out the door when it’s time to go outside, we have tried the spiky metal collar thing and he has broken two of them because he tugs so hard and basically drags you where he wants to go. Also we want to train him to stay by your side with at least some slack in the leash.

Play biting: He loves to play…by biting the shit out of hands and feet. He doesn’t bite hard intentionally but it’s super annoying because he just doesn’t stop. It’s especially bad at night when he is fighting sleep and cranky. Also every now and then while he is biting your hand he may give a much harder chomp once you kind of get used to it that catches you by surprise, then he gets aggressive when you pull your hand away.

digging (or trying to) in the house He for whatever reason thinks he HAS to dig a hole in the living room and it’s starting to scratch up the hardwood floor. He also has destroyed the couch and one of our doors because he likes to scratch and dig every chance he gets

Barking He barks all the time wether he wants attention, to go outside, he saw a squirrel etc. He barks and barks and barks even when we have left the room and he is alone in the room. There’s been a few times where someone will let him go to see if he stops and after about half an hour straight he gets scolded and stops for a few minutes and then right back to it.

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