Need Tips/Advice on best ways to train and adjust new pup! (pitt/shepherd mix)

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I'm adopting a 3 mo old female pup this week. Her dad is a blue pitt and mom is a German Shepherd/blue heeler mix. This will be my first dog I've had as an adult that wasn't considered the "family" dog. I know both of her parents and they're well trained/well behaved dogs. She has been staying on somewhat of a farm where she's been mostly outside thus far, but is housebroken. I live downtown in a medium-large sized college town. I want to make sure she is well behaved in social situations with other humans and dogs. I've never gone about training a dog before in this type of situation. I grew up in a smaller town where our dogs could always roam the farm and just stayed by the house.

I watched my mom spoil our current dog rotten to the point she thinks she rules the house. She is very demanding of attention, never listens, jumps/barks at people, and also doesn't play well with other dogs. She wasn't socialized as a puppy and it's terrible. She did 10 weeks of obedience school and it didn't take at all no matter how much we tried. I've been doin research on her breed mixes and trying to do some training research, but there's tons of info and I'm a bit overwhelmed. If anyone has experience w this type of dog it would be great to hear what has worked/hasn't worked.

TL;DR *SO…. my greatest fear is that I'll adopt this puppy and end up with an extremely misbehaved dog like my mother has. I will take ANY and all advice, tips, links to sites/videos, or whatever there is out there to help train! thanks!

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