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Hi there! For a little background on our situation, we've had Charlie, an 8 year old pitt/boxer mix, since 2013. He is a very sweet boy and has gotten along with the two neighbor dogs for as long as I can remember. He's never been very good with other adult dogs, but we never noticed any issues with puppies. As a matter of fact, the neighbors (who are family) got a puppy almost 6 years ago and there weren't any issues introducing the two.

About a week ago, we brought Dahlia home. She is an Aussie/German/Lab mix who was only 8 weeks old when we brought her home. We proceeded to introduce them with caution, but Charlie lunged at her barking and growling.

Since then, we've kept the dogs separated; Charlie has most of the house to roam around in while Dahlia is confined to the kitchen or her crate. Since then, Charlie seems to be getting used to her but we're still not sure how to proceed or what we should do from here to make sure they can get along.

At first, Charlie's hackles would be up while he growled and he would stand in a very aggressive stance when she came near. Now, he'll still occasionally growl at her when she's near the gate or near the sides of her crate when he's laying down. His hackles haven't been up at all, but we're still nervous about having them both out at the same time.

Have any of you ever dealt with this? How can we proceed to ensure that they can coexist without anyone getting hurt?

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