Need some advice on raising and training my first puppy!

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Hello everyone. I have an 9.5 week pure breed working line German Shepherd. We picked her up at 8 weeks and had great success (as far as I could tell) for the first 4 days or so. She is pretty well behaved for the most part except outside. I started training right away with only her kibble. She knows the basics and seems to know her name as she makes eye contact when called (and not distracted). A major issue I've had is with consistency. I've stopped repeating the command multiple times and have been a lot more patient which seems to have helped. I've been watching a lot of YouTube dog guides and trying to do my research as well as possible. Her cage is in our room and she is doing very well in terms of crate training. She doesn't whine at night unless she needs to go potty. We were instructed by the breeder to not put a collar on her until a week and a half after bringing her home. He instructed after that point to have her collar on at all times. We go this Sunday for a mandatory training session. We made the big mistake of giving her too much freedom too quickly and not taking a proper leadership position (letting her sleep in the living room unsupervised, leaving all her toys in her crate, running around the backyard smelling whatever she wants, running away playfully, leaving our shoes and other objects on the ground for her to bite) which we changed the beginning of this week. She has a pretty bad issue with nipping and I can't seem to figure out how to stop her. She was very attentive the first week during training sessions. The last few days she's had a lot more energy so I've been taking her outside and playing for longer periods of time.

She will nip any time my hands, arms or head are near her if she doesn't have a toy in her mouth or is being fed. Lately she will not listen if she does not want to and I don't really know what to do. She gets really upset when shes not getting her way and will kick and whine with brief periods where she chills out and then gets back to it. I make sure to "yes" and give her loves when she finally calms down. I don't know what I should be doing when she acts up and would really like to figure out how to handle it in the best manner for my pup. She really doesn't seem to be food motivated. The breeder instructed not to give her anything other than her kibble and water. She doesn't pay attention to me outside nearly as much unless I make things super exciting for her, will go into bushes, try to eat her poo and bite plants etc. I trained her to soft bite which she does for the most part outside of play or when she's excited. We put the collar on her yesterday and so far things haven't been too great. I introduced the collar to her and I think she is ok with it, she does not like the leash though and will just limp mode or pull the opposite direction she's being led. She does the same temper tantrum when I restrict the area she can explore or stop her from inspecting something with the collar. Other than that she seems like an extremely smart pup. Have only had 2 pee accidents so far which were both my fault for not paying close attention. Would appreciate any advice!

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