Need some advice for my aunt’s dog, he’s very aggressive with other dogs

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My aunt has a rescued standard poodle who is about 3 or 4 years old. She got him at the beginning of this year. He's very sweet around people, but is extremely aggressive around other dogs. We're not sure if he's was never socialized properly or if he's had bad experience with strange dogs. I walk him almost everyday for her and most of her neighbors have dogs. Yesterday his behavior came to a head when he pulled loose from me to get at a dog that was barking at us. Thank God there was a fence to keep them apart, but I'm scared about what will happen next time I take him for a walk. I've been walking him for over a month now and nothing I've done has seemed to have any lasting impact. I still have hope for him because he has learned to live with my aunt's other dog. Any advice or materials for training would be a lifesaver.

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