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I have a 2 and a half year old golden doodle. He’s usually great with meeting new people and other dogs whether it be at our house or on a walk. He loves to say hi to them and I’ve never seen my dog behave aggressive before. Recently today and yesterday he’s been acting strange and scared to meet people. Yesterday we had a friend come over that he’d never met. Instead of happily greeting them at the door like usual, he ran upstairs, paced around and barked. When we got him to come downstairs he just barked and refused to get close to her before running back upstairs. Then today, he’s been barking at people through the window which isn’t usual for him at all. I decided to take him on a walk a couple of hours ago because I usually take him on one everyday. While walking there was a couple ahead of us taking what seemed to be an evening stroll. He usually wouldn’t care but for some reason he started acting weird, he would stop and repeatedly stray behind me. When we got around I’d say 10 feet away he stopped, barked at them and wiggled his way out of his collar which I hadn’t known was loose, and ran down the sidewalk. I was luckily able to get him to hesitantly come back to me, as he almost ran into the street. Overall, I’m just really confused, my dogs never acted scared of people before, and I worry that this might become a pattern. I just don’t know why it’s started so suddenly as just a few days ago someone pet him while we were walking and it went fine. Does anyone know what’s going on? Or have some tips for me to prevent this from happening again while walking him? I want to take him on walks without being nervous he’ll do this again. On top of that it not only makes me nervous, it’s scary to other people as they don’t expect that sort of reaction from him.

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