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Hey everyone! I’m looking for advice with my Border Collie, aged 3 – neutered Male. Max is an amazing dog, full of such love and joy. I have had a lot of luck with training him. He learns ‘tricks’ very quickly and has manners. Being a Border Collie he has a lot of energy and although he can be a handful and very boisterous, he means well. He has always been incredibly toy orientated – especially balls. When playing fetch, he will bring the ball back but has a good chew before dropping it – which can be quite infuriating. Sometimes he wont drop the ball for a couple of minutes after asking him repeatedly. This only happens out on his walks. In the house he ill drop the ball almost immediately. However, recently his obsession with balls has caused him to be disobedient. If he sees a kid with a ball on the other side of the field, he will run to it and completely blank me out. I can stand next to him shouting his name and he won’t look at me at all, instead focusing solely on a ball. The ball takes priority over me. Although it also gives me power. If I bring a ball with me, he will listen to everything I say. If I don’t bring a ball, that is when he looks for others with balls and will run to them. I am hoping someone can give me some advice with: A) Getting him to drop the ball whilst on his walks B) Dealing with his ball obsession C) Dealing with him making the ball the priority and becoming ‘deaf’ and disobedient around toys whilst outside. Thank you all for your time reading this and I look forward to hearing your advice!

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