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On Saturday me and my wife adopted a new rescue dog. He’s a 2 yr old rottsky and is a damn good boy for the most part.

First problem I’m seeing is separation anxiety. He is constantly by my side when Im he see home from work. When I do go to work I’ll put him in his crate and he will freak right out until my wife lets him out to give him attention.

That brings me to my second problem, crate training.

I got him a nice crate and I’ve made it comfy inside with plush blankets and a kong. He will go inside it during the day for a few minutes at a time but the problem begins when I shut the door. He will cry and wimper unless I’m on the floor next to him pretending to sleep. He’ll do alright inside at night until the morning hours when he starts up again. I’ll take him outside to go to the bathroom but there is no getting him back in the crate after that.

Anyway, it’s important to note that he is the first doggo I’ve ever had so most of this is new to me. If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears.

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