Need help, neighbors dog attacked my dog, and now the neighbor wants to put her dog down. I want to take the opportunity to train her dog so they can keep her.

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Hey all. I have raised my two dogs after getting a lot of knowledge from trainers in real life and you lovely folk. I want to be a dog trainer, and it breaks my heart that my neighbor wants to put her dog down after one minor tussle.

Neither mine nor her dog were Injured or bloodied or anything.

It started with her dog nipping at my dog's legs and mine is very nervous, so she pounced as soon as she felt he was scared.

Need some tips for trying to calm her dog down, and getting it to play nicer. I haven't dealt with aggression training before and want to make sure this dog isn't put down.

Edit: Meant to give what I think I should start with. I am thinking I need to leash train her first, because she most definitely is not. I think my neigh or tries to hide her away from the world because she is feisty and that is just compounding the issue.

My first step would be leash training and getting her to ignore exciting distractioms around her while in contact with a human

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