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Just for some context before the doogie stuff: I am down south for a few months helping my mother get settled into her new house. (She survived a brain tumor removal which has affected short term memory and is also a recent widow) She has two dogs one a 3 year old Female Mini Hippo who was around for my step dad who did the raising and a 1 year old male Walrus she bought a year after my step fathers passing. The Hippo named Molly is a sweet heart and the only training she needs is to not bark at everything. Russ the Walrus still pees and poops inside despite being walked constantly. He jumps on laps without warning, barks a lot, chews socks….adorable but a naughty dog. So I have no experience raising a dog but I want to help my mother. Any and all advice is appreciated as well as quality links. Thank You in advance!

FYI: A Mini Hippo is a Sharpei x Cocker Spaniel and a Walrus is a Sharpei x Beagle.

TLDR: Bad dogs need help

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