Need advice on training alone time with school coming up, puppy cries after nap?

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My puppy has no problem being left alone in a room to nap, but gets a little hysterical if she wakes up alone in the same exact room, 2 hours later.

I haven’t been great about training my 4 month old chihuahua to a specific schedule. I try to do the 1 hour up/ 2 hour nap method, but instead of enforcing her naps, I leave her crate open to sleep and she comes out whenever she wakes up. (Can range from 45 min-2 hours)

She’s very good about sleeping in her crate (which is in her playpen), especially after she’s been physically and mentally stimulated. Not a peep, she’ll put herself to bed, and is extremely content! I feel like Ive lucked out.

However, when she inevitably wakes up by herself, she is used to seeing someone in the same room. Covid has my entire family around the house. She naps in the kitchen and people come and go. She’s very comfortable and happy when she wakes up, extremely quiet and wags her tail until someone notices her and rushes her to a pee pad, or out for a walk. (Although she is doing great with the pads, even without assistance)

I will be living alone with her soon, and as the new school year starts, I would like to get her accustomed to be okay if she’s not immediately greeted by someone’s presence when she wakes up from a nap. Provided that she’s in her play pen with water, pee pads, and some entertaining toys, I’d like her to be “okay” for a short time after her nap as well.

Is this possible?? How would I go about this?

I will be living a short distance from school, and I will be having short classes. My plan was to tire her out with training, short walks, general mental stimulation – Put her down for a nap, and leave to my class. (Which happen in 2 hour blocks)

What if she wakes up earlier? What if I’ll be back after 2 and 1/2 hours? Will she be miserable waking up?

I don’t want to disrupt/dampen the amazing confidence she has been showing in various situations by going about this the wrong way

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