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Hi folks. I'm at my wit's end and I need some advice.

My boyfriend and I have a 1 year old Golden. For context and a bit of background, I've had dogs nearly my whole life, whereas this is his first dog. He got her at 3 months old, and I moved in with them when she was 8 months. Immediately, I noticed she was super attached, showed signs of separation anxiety and refused to listen to anyone but him, and even then, only when she felt like it.

When I moved in, she:

always had to be in the same room, and always underfoot got up as soon as you did to follow you, even if it was to do a circle through the room wouldn't let us sleep because she wanted attention, and being asleep was no excuse wouldn't let us shower or else she cried at the door tried to separate he and I by getting between us and pushing me or nipping/barking

However, he saw this as "dogs being dogs" and didn't know any better to work with her on being more independent. More so, since we both worked long hours, the clinginess was excused away with "well she's been by herself all day and just wants some love". We managed to work on the bathroom thing and no longer allow her to wake us up, but that was it.

Since the whole pandemic and us now working from home exclusively, he's beginning to get frustrated and see an issue with his as well, but I'm at a loss for what to do to change the behaviour of a dog who's been allowed to act this way for months.

My biggest issue revolves around needing to be in the room and underfoot, as we need to put her out of the room when we have calls. If there is a door between you and her, she will slam herself into the door and whine and because they have a glass insert, we need to stop it and tell her off as we're afraid it will break. She sees this as getting her way though, because she gets instantly happy and is right back at it after being sent to her bed. The other part is when she is allowed to be in the room, she insists on being right underneath whatever chair we're on, and following as soon as you get up.

We've tried sending her to her bed and asking her to stay there, but she will leave and try and come back as soon as you look away. Eventually, she gets so frustrated with being sent to her bed (despite toys and treats waiting for her) that she starts to get agitated, pants and eventually starts chewing at her paws. No amount of exercise helps with asking her to stay in her bed, the behaviour is the same and eventually, my boyfriend gets worn out asking her to leave us alone and it's only me insisting, which is driving a wedge between us since I'm not just ignoring her and letting her do as she pleases for a moment of peace and quiet.

I'm at a total loss. Please help.

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