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My 6mo male GSD has kept barking to a minimum, which is fantastic. We worked hard to get it that way the last 4 months. Recently, however, he's begun letting out a persistent, loud bark whenever new people come to the door. I mean, it's great for home protection, sure, but also kind of sucks because we kept a steady stream of new people coming and going in the first few months to desensitize him to the idea of outsiders coming in to our home. He never barked. Now he does. I have to crate him every time someone is coming because I don't want them to be scared or intimidated by his barks.

Anytime a service tech or neighbour or anyone comes in the house or knocks, he's barking. It's annoying and we hoped our efforts would have curbed this. He does not bark in any other situation, really. Not at people or other dogs or animals while we're out– nothing, really.

Any advice on how to deal with this?

He doesn't really jump up on anyone– except my wife. A lot. He jumps, gets her with his nails, and regardless of how many times we redirect him into a sit and then reward that– or give him trouble and physically prevent his jumping– he doesn't take the hint. He goes crazy when he sees her. Not sure what to do to keep him from jumping on her every time she comes home.

Not an issue, but hoping for advice on a harness that would be good for him now at 6mo, but would last quite a while as he grows. Any tips on what's available at PetSmart or on Amazon or whatever would be good– we're in Canada, FYI, so PetCo etc is out of the question.

Thanks in advance!!!

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