Need advice / help with crate training for naps while home – Can’t tell the difference between learning and punishment! (A little long)

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Hi All,

Looking for some advice on crate training a new 10 week old standard poodle puppy. He sleeps through the night in his crate great, but recently has been getting overstimulated and going nuts at the end of the day and we think he is overtired. I read a few posts both here and on /r/poodles that suggest doing 1 hour awake to 2 hours of naps in the crate.

I've read SO MANY crate training articles, and all of them say absolutely do not punish your dog with the crate. But I'm unsure where the line between trying to enforce rest / nap time in the crate is and punishment.

Whenever I put our puppy in our crate when I'm home and trying to work (in the same room) he immediately starts crying and wants to be let out. A toy will entertain him for a few minutes tops and he doesn't seem particularly food motivated when it comes to Kongs. I'm worried that if I put him in the crate and he starts crying to be let out that will be seen as punishment by him and he will begin to resent his crate.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated on how to enforce naps, or what my crating expectations and puppy response should be for a puppy this age. Nearly all of the articles focus on crating while at night, or crating while leaving the house, but I can't find any good ones about real-world expectations for crating while home or crating for naps.

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