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Hello everyone, i brought a 2 month old Yorkshire Terrier ( Male) home a couple of days ago, and i am completely in love. He's such a lovely dog, and my first time having a dog in all my 24 years. I'm currently living with my family, so when i'm at work, Grandma takes care of him. I just have a few general questions, if anybody could answer them, i would be really grateful ( some of the questions might sound amateur, but it is my first time owning a dog, and even though i researched a lot, practical situations are a bit different, so please bear with me haha)

1) We feed him 4 times a day, ( 8am,12,16,20pm) consisting of 20 pieces of this puppy dog food that the previous owner had and recommended to us. But he doesn't drink a lot of water. We do soak the kibbles in water, so he does get it that way, but is it enough? he does take a few "sips" of water anyways

2) How do more experienced puppy owners deal with him making noises when he wants to be picked up but it's his time to sleep? It's hard to resist picking him up since it sounds like he's crying and i don't want him to be sad/anxious.

3) He's in the process of deworming, and has to get round 2 and 3 of his vaccines before we're allowed to take him out of his little area, and i wonder how you entertain him? i got a few toys and balls but he doesn't seem too keen, any recommendations for toys/ physical activities we can do within his little bubble?

4) I have to say, he's super smart, learned to eat from the correct bowl, and slept really well in the second night, how much harder is potty training? i guess 2 months old is too young to learn, right?

If anyone has any suggestions on how i can make his life easier, or a preview of what is about to come, it'd be much appreciated:)

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