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Firstly, I'm looking for an alternate command for "heel." My recall word is "here" and I'm worried they will sound too similar.

Second, does anyone have tips for training this? My dog does like to walk slightly ahead of me, but when she's on her harness she doesn't pull, she just likes to be in front and if she's not pulling I'm fine with that. I've been told that when trying to teach heel I should reward her for being a little behind me, such as near the back of my heel for whichever side she's walking on. I think struggling to train her properly for 2 reasons: 1) she usually walks a little in front and 2) I usually walk her on the left, hold the leash with my left hand, and give treats from my right hand. It's hard for me to treat and hold the leash in the same hand and if I have to go across my body it's hard to treat when she's slightly behind me. Does anyone have any tips?

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