Need advice about training my poodle to find wild mushrooms.

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I want to train her to sniff out any and all mushrooms and I'll sort out which ones aren't poisonous or hallucinogenic.

I was thinking; reward her for sniffing a mushroom, then toss mushrooms around the yard and reward her when she sniffs one out, then gradually make it harder. I'd give the "leave it" command throughout the whole process if she tries to eat one.

My question is, should I use the same mushrooms I would be finding in my area? If so, should I create a cocktail of every mushroom in the area I want, or should I vary them up?

Is it possible that if I don't use a certain mushroom that I want, she'll ignore that mushroom? I really just want her to go after every mushroom and I'll be the one who does the sorting.

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