Need advice about male dog behavior with our female dog (both are fixed)

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We recently adopted a female dog (3 years old), she is an Airedale terrier. We already had a male, basset/lab mix (4 years) and things are going well..

A little backstory that I got from the shelter…Daisy (the girl) was pregnant when brought into shelter and gave birth to a few puppies that later died. While in the shelter she was fixed. She has a little green mark on her belly area and i was wondering, could it be possible they lied about fixing her? The paperwork says she was spayed March 2020 but her Her nipples are still showing like a pregnant dog though.

My Question is this: Pete (our male dog) is fixed but he is always trying to smell Daisy’s nipples and private area. Like really gets all up in her business! Is that normal for boy dogs to do to a girl? Even if they are both fixed?

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