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Hi there, we adopted Dutch the 4yr old lab rotty mix about a week ago. He's really lovey and a big lap dog!!

He loves to cuddle up and lay on my lap etc. But it seems like whenever I'm close to his face he does a mild growl. I understand dogs don't like face contact and hugs and kisses that much. The first day we got him he nipped at my face a little because I was so close and holding his face, but with negligible pain and he promptly licked me. Recently he approached me and put his front legs up on my knees while I was sitting, and as I pet him, he growled a little bit.

I'm not really concerned, more just curious as to why he's growling. I understand if Im going over and getting all up in his face why he might not growl but isnt it weird if he approaches my face and I pet him and then he growls?

My last dog I got as a puppy and he hasn't growled at me in my entire 8 years. I understand reach dog is different. Probably overthinking this lol. Thanks!

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