Napping outside the crate? Plus tough first night!

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I just got my 10 week old labradoodle puppy yesterday (first time dog mom!). I'm in the process of trying to crate train her. My question is, is it ok to let her nap other places apart from the crate?

I'm still trying to get her used to it by feeding her meals in there and throwing in the odd treat but she wont go in voluntarily. Shes been dozing off on my lap, on the couch etc but when I move her into the crate she wakes up and cries. I'm afraid if I leave her crying she will soil in the crate (which happened late last night).

So is it ok to allow her to nap in random places during the day? And continue just getting her used to the crate instead of forcing her in.

Im going to put her in there again tonight but I'm going to leave the door open. Feel awful that she soiled in there last night! She had been out to the toilet loads and I was sleeping on the couch beside the crate but I still feel like I did something wrong.

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