My two dog tend to fight at night.

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I have 2 dogs; one is 6 years old and one is 4. Both are females, rescues, and chihuahua mixes. We adopted both when they we relatively young; each were about a few months old.

For the most part they get along very well. But for the past few months they will fight at night.

Our dogs do sleep in our bed with us, and pretty much have since we got them. The older one prefers to cuddle with my husband while the younger one prefers me.

My young one tends to get up at night and will wonder the room for a while before coming back to bed. This seems to trigger the older one for some reason and by the time the young one gets back up on the bed they will begin to fight. I am truly at a lost as to what's triggering it as once they are separated and go back under their respective blankets, they are fine for the rest of the night.

I've tried to see what is causing the reaction prior to the fight, but most of the time I'm being woke up to it. When I have been awake it seems to be my older dog lunging towards the younger one, then there is a stand off of just staring at each other, followed by the fight. However, sometimes my older dog will just start whining while the younger one will begin to growl, jumpand up on the bed and start the fight.

First, we kept a water bottle to stop them when they start growling. Which works if one of us is awake when the fighting starts. Next, I thought maybe their collar tags were waking the older one whenever the younger one was jumping up on our bed. It's pretty high up. They no longer sleep in their collars. I also got stairs to help make it as quiet as possible, but that doesn't seem to be the issue.

When they do fight it doesn't seem to be like they are trying to hurt each other, but it is more intense then their play fighting. I just don't want it to keep escalating until one of them gets hurt.

This only truly only happens late at night. They are fine if they are in the bed with us during the day under similar circumstances. I don't really know what to try next so I'm hoping some of you have a few suggestions. Thanks for any advice you may have.

For reference, my older dog is really laid back the majority of the time and my younger one tends to be more anxious.

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