My SO hates our puppy

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I think he has serious rage problems. That sounds like a red flag, but it’s only towards our puppy. It’s like puppy blues X 100. He says sometimes he feel pure hatred and his chest hurts and he can’t breathe because of how much anger he feels.

I try to hear him out, but some of the things he says make me protective and just pissed off. She dug a hole in the back and he said he wanted to bury a bunch of razor blades. He’s air “I want to fucking strangle you.” He has never hurt her, but will pick her up with extreme hatred and throw her in her cage.

He makes me feel like I’m an idiot for saying that she can feel his hatred. To me, it is setting her up for issues and I’m afraid she’ll never feel safe or loved.

He takes her out during the night and takes care of her and is very responsible. He baby talks her sometimes and there are periods where I think he loves her. But when she does typical puppy things he can’t take it and says it’s not worth any of the good times he has with her and she is his biggest regret.

I try to spend a lot of one on one time with her, but I have my own dog and she was supposed to be his. I don’t know if this is normal. Thank god we are never having children, but he makes me feel like I’m being judgemental or not understanding when I tell him he needs to get therapy and that it’s his problem, not the puppy’s, that he wants to murder her when she cries. Like I don’t think that’s normal and I don’t think it’s acceptable and I think he should work on himself and his problems rather than take it out on a 4 month old puppy.

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