My Shiba-Inu bit me, but did he meant it bad?

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Hey guys, we bought our Shiba from one of the best Shiba breeders here in Germany. The breeder bought the shiba back from a woman (the breeder sold the shiba to her as a puppy) who was overwhelmed with him. The shiba was 2 years old when the breeder bought him back. The shiba has some trust issues and so the breeder kept him 4 weeks to have a look and to build up some trust. 4 weeks after he bought the shiba he sold it to us and said to us that he needs some time because of the trust issues and if that is okay to us. My girlfriend and I was completely okay with that. We have him since 2 weeks now and everyday we make huge progress. Sometimes he is so excited to see us when we come back from the grocery store that he gently takes our hands in the mouth and he wants some love, attention and scratches. He also wants that sometimes a day, so i guess he has some trust in us. But what's weird is that when lies down, for example on his pillow and you come closer with your hand he shows his teeth. Normally we don't do anything and pull our hand back. Today it was rainy and we went for a walk, so when we came home we needed to dry him with a towel. Because he likes to play with the towel I waited till he layed down. I put the towel around my whole hand (as some kind of safety) and i tried to dry him. It last like 10 seconds then he bit my hand with the towel. He bit for like 2 seconds then he was scared and ran behind my girlfriend. Because i am an prospective educator (and I think a lot about behaviour) I just sat down and said his name gently and i showed him my hand. He came closer sniffed my hand and licked the whole hand. He was very precise at the parts with the small wounds (no worries, i didn't bleed, just one black mark thanks to the towel). Even minutes after he finished licking he came back to sniff on my hand and to look. He also took my hand gently in the mouth and wanted some scratches etc. later.

I guess the bite was because a mix of some trust issues he still has and stress in this moment. Because he licked the wounds and the behaviour after the bite I interpret as a apology and that he didn't meant it in a bad way. So he just needs some more trust to me. Am i right or is it something totally different?

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