My roommates dog is terrified of me

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I move in a week ago, and everything was great, he accepted me and everything was going fine, he could even be left alone with he and i could cuddle him, then 2 days ago he ran outside the front door, so i ran after him to see where he went. We live in a kind of busy area so there were a lot of cars and people. His owner eventually managed to get him back inside, but when he sees/smells me now he either barks A LOT (he is a podenco, so it is rare) or freezes and just shakes and tries to get away.

I have not ever lived with a dog before, and really want to make things okay. I am doing the treat and retreat thing, always offering my side and not looking at him, but we all need to be in a living space together, my room is only big enough for my bed and i need to work downstairs, but every time i come downstairs he freaks out and its stopping me just living my life. Should i just go about life normally and will he accept me? he seems super traumatised and its making me so anxious also.

Any advice I may not have heard yet will be good i'm desperate to make things okay, although i know it will take time he is just so traumatised, should i move out for a few days?! We just really always have to be in the same room. Also any advice I could give his owner would be great, thank you

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